In case you don’t know, Mirth Control is the biggest independent comedy booker in the UK.   It has over 1000 comedians on its database (including me), and organises bookings in over 90 venues across the country.

If you get in with these guys you get to do gigs round the whole country – something I really look forward to next year.

Comedian Geoff Whiting runs this moveable mirthfest.  I met Geoff just last week.  He’s a nice guy and offered some good feedback. Although I’m not too sure about their logo which I have copied to make my blog post look nice.

Geoff’s got a well-earned rep for running great comedy nights.  He doesn’t just get the top comics booked – he makes sure the up-and-comings get a break as well.

Result: wild and diverse evenings across the UK, all the comics are on top form, audiences laugh merrily and everyone goes home happy.

You can check out Mirth Control comedy nights in your area here